Julio Michelon
Animation & Design


Life story...


I am a motion graphic designer specialized in character design and explainer videos. After several years working as a designer and animator in Spain, I now reside in the U.S., where I work with studios and agencies to bring their ideas to life!

When designing and animating I take extra care to bring flow and narrative to every piece I work on. I consider motion graphics a great tool for translating complex ideas into simple yet beautiful visual essays. When developing this narrative, every character, every transition and every keyframe counts towards creating a piece that will not only instruct or educate, but also inspire.

I've been lucky enough to work with really talented people throughout my life and I look forward to future collaborations!  

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Liberty Mutual

Fidelity Investments

Viewpoint Creative



Grain Digital

Northeastern University


The Fantastical

Inward Strategic Consulting

Parallax Productions

Free Your Mind TV





University of South Australia

Digital Media  2010-2011

My last year of studies took place in Australia where I had the chance to expand my knowledge in the fields of animation and motion graphics.

Fachhochschule Darmstadt

Media Production  2007-2008

My first year abroad transpired in Germany where I was introduced to After Effects and Flash. This is where I started orienting my degree towards vfx and animation.

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Media Studies  2006-2009

Most of my college years where spent in Valencia where I was introduced to the broad media industry. I narrowed down my interests year after year and eventually opted for motion graphics.